We know it’s due out on 18th October, but this is our first proper glimpse at asymmetrical multiplayer game, Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed. While these games are becoming dime-a-dozen – a similarly-styled Killer Klowns adaptation was announced overnight – you can clearly see how this is going to be an entertaining twist on the format.

To be honest, without the context of a hands on, we’re not sure we fully grasp what’s going on here. Obviously it’s the goal of the titular Ghostbusters to trap the phantom, and you can use familiar gadgets like the PKE to track it down. But the ghost gameplay looks a little more complicated, as you’re required to haunt objects and defend rifts.

There’ll be plenty of time to iron out the specifics, of course, but for now we’re just loving the overall look and concept. Developer IllFonic knows its way around these types of games, having developed and supported Predator: Hunting Grounds in the past, so we have high hopes for this one. And don’t forget, Ghostbusters VR is in production for PSVR2, too.

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