The latest character in Marvel's Midnight Suns to get the spotlight treatment is Captain Marvel, AKA Carol Danvers, and in a new trailer, we get to see the ways in which she can dominate the battlefield.

Captain Marvel uses a unique mechanic that revolves around her Binary ability. You fill the Binary meter by using action cards, and once full, you will receive a free card called Go Binary. This grants Captain Marvel a stack of Block and doubles her damage output. The damage bonus is lost if her Block ever reaches zero, which is reduced as she takes damage.

With many cards that grant the Taunt and Counter effects, Captain Marvel's playstyle is geared towards drawing enemy aggro and punishing opponents with powerful counter-attacks.

Previously, we've seen Captain America and Iron Man get gameplay trailers of their own. In other news, Marvel's Midnight Suns has been hit with a delay, and will no longer be released on 7th October.

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