A little while back, we saw a Marvel's Midnight Suns video that put the spotlight on Captain America, showcasing the hero's playstyle in the upcoming turn-based strategy game. Now, it's the turn of Iron Man, and rather fittingly, his moveset looks to prioritise himself over anything else.

What we mean by that many of his abilities can be buffed by redrawing them. During a turn you can redraw a couple of times to try and get some more useful moves, and redrawing an Iron Man card will make it stronger. It's therefore in your interest to use that mechanic for the superhero if he's in your squad, because building up this buff can lead to major damage output.

The catch is that you need to be careful who you pair Iron Man with; your hand can become clogged with lots of Heroic moves if you choose characters reliant on those, for example. It's best explained in the above video, but basically you'll need to team up Iron Man with heroes that can provide support while he stacks up his power.

It really does sound like there's a good amount to think about with team composition and which moves to play. We're excited to play Midnight Suns when it arrives in October, but what about you? Assemble in the comments section below.

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