Marvel's Midnight Suns is shaping up nicely, bringing superheroes into the realm of turn-based strategy. It looks to be in safe hands over at Firaxis, best known for the XCOM series, and this latest video shows that off with a deep dive on just one of its characters.

Captain America is put in the spotlight in this first in a series of videos highlighting certain heroes. In combat, Steve Rodgers utilises his iconic shield to block incoming damage, protect his allies, and dish out his own attacks. While he's mostly a defensive character, some of his abilities take advantage of all his built-up block; his most powerful attack converts his block to attack damage, which is dealt to all enemies in a straight line. You can strategically use a taunt to have enemies attack Cap, which he'll then block with his shield, thus building up his super attack.

Speaking to him outside of missions builds your relationship, and the more friendly he is, the more block he'll build throughout combat. They've turned him into a big tank that can hit like a truck while protecting more fragile characters.

If this is anything to go by, it seems like Firaxis has put a lot of thought into the characters and how their strengths can be best used together. We're looking forward to seeing more of these breakdowns in the run up to launch. Midnight Suns is scheduled for 7th October on PS5 and PS4.

Are you excited for this one? What do you think of Captain America's playstyle in Midnight Suns? Suit up in the comments section below.

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