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Bugs Bunny will receive a nerf in MultiVersus in an upcoming update, but not until after the conclusion of fighting tournament EVO, according to MultiVersus game director, Tony Huynh. EVO takes place from 5th - 7th August.

Huynh revealed this tidbit on Twitter, in reply to a fan:

While we don't yet know the specifics, Huynh says that Bugs will "always be fun", so don't worry too much if you are a rabbit main. If you want to make the most of the character in the meantime, check out our Bugs Bunny guide.

It seems like this might be a part of a larger balancing patch, which will no doubt see changes for many characters, now that the community has had some time to provide developer Player First Games with feedback.

MultiVersus is the biggest fighting game on the planet right now and features incredibly low input latency. The free-to-play title is incredibly fun and worth a look if you are interested at all in fighting games.

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