MultiVersus Bugs Bunny All Unlockables Moves How to Win Guide PS5 PS4 1

Bugs Bunny is one of the playable characters in MultiVersus, the free-to-play platform fighter from Warner Bros. Games. One of the most recognisable cartoon characters of all time, this pesky rabbit is the face of all things Looney Tunes. As part of our MultiVersus guide, we will be outlining all you need to know about Bugs Bunny in the game. We'll introduce all unlockables, perks, moves, and how to win.

MultiVersus: Bugs Bunny - All Unlockables, Perks, Moves, and How to Win

Below is everything you need to know about Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus.

Bugs Bunny: Biography and Overview

Before we begin to learn about all unlockables, moves, and how to win with Bugs Bunny, we should get to know a little more about the character courtesy of his official biography and overview.

MultiVersus Bugs Bunny All Unlockables Moves How to Win Guide PS5 PS4 2
Name First Appearance Character Class Voiced By
Bugs Bunny "A Wild Hare" (1940) Mage Eric Bauza

When you think of Looney Tunes, Bugs Bunny is who immediately springs to mind. Introduced more than 80 years ago, the character is a household name, symbolising cartoons and acting as something of a mascot for Warner Bros. Entertainment. He's a wise-cracking rabbit who has an answer for everything, overcoming every dangerous scenario with trickery, cunning, and humour. Originally voiced by the legendary Mel Blanc, Bugs Bunny has appeared in hundreds of cartoon shorts throughout the decades, and has also made numerous appearances in movies, games, and other media.

Old Looney Tunes cartoons are still shown today, and Bugs Bunny stars in more modern interpretations too, including Space Jam: A New Legacy and Looney Tunes Cartoons on HBO Max.

Bugs Bunny: All Costumes and Unlockables

MultiVersus Bugs Bunny All Unlockables Moves How to Win Guide PS5 PS4 3

Below, we've listed all the cosmetic items you can unlock related to Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus.

Item Name Description Cost / How to Unlock
Bugs Bunny - Hearts Emote - Sticker Complete Season 1 Battle Pass Tier 45 (Premium)
Brunhilde Bugs Variant Complete Season 1 Battle Pass Tier 50 (Premium)
The Looney King Profile Icon Reach Mastery Level 14
Bugs Bunny


Reach Mastery Level 15
Bugs Bunny
Annnouncer Pack
100 Gleamium
Hollywood Bugs Variant
1,500 Gleamium

Bugs Bunny: All Perks

MultiVersus Bugs Bunny All Unlockables Moves How to Win Guide PS5 PS4 4

In this section of the guide, we're revealing a list of all Perks for Bugs Bunny. These can be unlocked with XP as part of Bugs Bunny's Mastery track. Remember that unlocking a character's Perks will make it cheaper to purchase them as Train Perks on another character, with the exception of Signature Perks which are exclusive to the character they're unlocked for.

Offense Perks

Perk Name
How to Unlock
Collateral Damage
Your team deals 1 additional damage when knocked back enemies collide with a wall or floor
Reach Mastery Level 4
Second Wind Beneath Your Wings
Your team refreshes air special attacks after ringing out an enemy
Reach Mastery Level 12

Defense Perks

Perk Name
How to Unlock
Sturdy Dodger
Your team receives armor for 1 second after successfully neutral dodging a Projectile
Reach Mastery Level 13

Utility Perks

Perk Name
How to Unlock

Your team receives 10% reduced ability cooldown duration

Reach Mastery Level 2

Speed Force Assist

Your team receives 4% increased base movement speed
Reach Mastery Level 7
Aerial Acrobat Your team receives 10% increased air acceleration Reach Mastery Level 11

Signature Perks

Perk Name
How to Unlock
Comin' Through Doc
After leaving an existing tunnel, Bugs Bunny and his allies release a shockwave that damages nearby enemies Reach Mastery Level 8
Lingering Love
Bugs' kiss leaves behind a floating heart. Enemies who run into it will be charmed, but the charm's duration is significantly reduced Reach Mastery Level 10

Bugs Bunny: All Moves and How to Win

MultiVersus Bugs Bunny All Unlockables Moves How to Win Guide PS5 PS4 5

If you want to play as Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus, this section will go over his moves and offer some advice on how to use him effectively. Inputs shown are using default controls.


Move Name
Whack-y, Ain't It?

Charge a mallet swing Neutral Square

Why I Oughta!

A spinning combo of punches that breaks Armor

Side Square

Rabbit Kick

Charge an upward kick Up Square
Pie Barrage!

With pie equipped, press input again to throw pie Projectile. The pie heals allies it passes through and applies Slow to enemies it hits. Bugs Bunny can throw multiple pies until he runs out of ammo Down Square
Helicopter Punch
Bugs Bunny does a persistent spinning punch that hits rapidly Air Neutral Square
Flying Rabbit's Foot

Charge a forward kick Air Side Square

Swing Batta Batta!

Bugs Bunny delivers an upward baseball bat swing
Air Up Square
Look Out Below!

Throw a pie Projectile if equipped; otherwise, he does a downward mallet swing Air Down Square


Move Name
A Safe Investment

Bugs Bunny drops a target for a safe Projectile to fall a few seconds later. The safe can be hit, hurtling it into enemies. When destroyed, the safe breaks and drops an item. Cooldown applies

Neutral Triangle

Ain't I a Charmer?

Bugs Bunny blows a kiss that applies Charmed to enemies, stunning them. Kissing an ally Enrages them, making their next attack apply maximum stacks of Weakened. Side Triangle
Special Delive-rocket
Bugs Bunny launches a rocket Projectile upward with a cooldown. The rocket will fall back to the arena later. Allies can grab onto the rocket as a wall. On cooldown, Bugs will use his ears to helicopter upward Up Triangle
Bunny Burrow

Bugs Bunny burrows and is Invulnerable as he moves underground. Soon after, he shoots up and attacks, leaving tunnels where he started and ended burrowing. Bugs can exit the tunnel early by jumping. Allies that crouch over a tunnel will teleport to the partnered tunnel. Cooldown applies

Down Triangle
Safe Painter

Similar to ground, except Bugs Bunny paints the safe into reality, spawning it sooner

Air Neutral Triangle
Rocket Rider Similar to Up Special, except the rocket moves forward and can be ridden by Bugs Bunny and his ally as a platform. This move shares cooldown with Up Special Air Side Triangle
Bun on the Run Similar to ground, but Bugs Bunny will dive towards the ground before starting to burrow Air Down Triangle

Passive Abilities

Dynamite, Doc?: While crouched, Bugs Bunny will pull up a box that spawns a random item and launch it towards Bugs' nearest ally. Cooldown applies.

How to Win as Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny is a Mage class character, giving him a fairly unique moveset that relies on spawning in objects to help him. He's a surprisingly versatile fighter with some decent melee strikes, but you should be making use of his other abilities to get the best from him.

Burrowing with Bugs' Down Special is a great way to escape to safety for a few seconds, but it's also a great way to sneak up on opponents. When he pops out the exit tunnel, he'll deal a bit of damage, which is great to combo out of if you land it. Additionally, his Up Special and Air Side Special launch a rocket, moving up or forward respectively. These rockets move very slowly, but they're so large, they're likely to hit someone, so don't forget to use them.

Bugs' pies are also pretty useful, and building up the Slow status can be quite effective. Charging the throw means it'll travel faster. One weakness Bugs Bunny has is that, while some moves hit quite hard (Neutral Attack, Air Side Attack etc.) they have a lot of wind-up, so you need to factor that into your play. It's particularly hard to land his Side Special, but it's very handy when it does connect as it essentially gives you a free hit.

So, that's everything there is to know about Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus. Will you be haring about as this iconic 'toon in MultiVersus? Share your own tips and advice in the comments section below, and check out our MultiVersus guide for much more. And, for more on other MultiVersus characters, refer to the following pages: