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Sony announced PS Stars today, a long overdue worldwide loyalty scheme that will reward you for engaging with your PS5 and PS4 over a prolonged period of time. It’s a necessary and important reveal from the platform holder, as PlayStation finds itself in a highly competitive market where the benefits of playing on any single system are slowly eroding due to the emergence of crossplay.

The programme will be totally free to join, and while specific details are limited, you’ll earn points by completing campaigns. These will range from simple tasks like playing any game once in a month through to more complicated ones like being the first in your time zone to earn a Platinum Trophy. The latter could potentially prove problematic, but we’ll need to wait to see how it’s implemented.

Presumably there’ll be dozens of different ways to earn points. We already know that PS Plus subscribers will earn points on every transaction they make through the PS Store, and we’re sure there’ll be other opportunities, like watching State of Play broadcasts, fulfilling game-specific challenges – like defeating a certain enemy – and more.

It begs the question, then: what are you willing to do to earn points and what would you want to spend them on? Is it PS Store credit that you crave, or perhaps you want physical trinkets and goods like Nintendo offers? Would you be willing to complete certain actions in exchange for additional PS Plus time – or even exclusive betas and demos?

PS Stars will release worldwide later this year, so we imagine Sony already has some pretty firm plans in place. But while we await more information on the initiative, it’ll be interesting to know what you expect from it: what actions are you willing to complete and what do you want in return? Take our poll, and then let us know your expectations and limits in the comments section below.

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