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The pitchforks were temporarily raised for about ten minutes earlier today, when Sony announced that one of the perks of its new PS Stars loyalty scheme would be “digital collectibles”. Many on social media incorrectly assumed these would be NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, the controversial blockchain technology that assigns ownership to digital items. But that’s absolutely not the case, the company has clarified.

“It’s definitely not NFTs,” Sony’s Grace Chen told The Washington Post. “Definitely not. You can’t trade them or sell them. It is not leveraging any blockchain technologies and definitely not NFTs.” There were three dismissals in a handful of sentences there, so we reckon you can calm down.

So what are these digital collectibles, then? Well, they’re described as 3D renders of iconic PlayStation memorabilia, like figurines or even past systems. While there’s no mention of this on the PS Blog, we’re going to assume that Sony will create a kind of virtual space for you to display and show off your items – it all reminds us a little of when it wanted you to have your own Trophy cabinet in PS Home.

More details will be announced in due time, of course, but for now you can cancel your protests: there are no NFTs associated with PS Stars.