Gotham Knights Comic

Gotham Knights is one of the most anticipated gaming releases of the year, and we now know that an official comic prequel will launch alongside the game when it releases, on 25th October.

The six-issue comic series is Batman: Gotham Knights - Gilded City and will release monthly, expanding upon the back story and premise of the game. We know that Batman is dead in the continuity of Gotham Knights, so Gilded City will tell the tale of The Dark Knight's last case, which involves a rage-inducing virus being unleashed upon the citizens of Gotham.

In addition, a parallel storyline will be set in the 1880s, which revolves around another masked vigilante named Runaway, and their own investigation of the virus. How exactly this will tie into Gilded City, and the larger Gotham Knights universe remains to be seen.

Each issue of the comic will include an exclusive code that can be redeemed in-game for items. The first code will unlock an exclusive Batcycle skin, and players that redeem all six will unlock a separate seventh reward.

Gotham Knights will reportedly feature the largest open-world setting of any game set in the Batman universe, and we can't wait to patrol Gotham's gritty streets for ourselves.

Will you be picking up Gilded City in addition to Gotham Knights? What do you think of this prequel comic? Become vengeance in the comments section below.

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