Chivalry 2 is one of the most unique multiplayer experiences on the market, and its large-scale medieval combat never fails to impress. In a new developer diary, the team over at Torn Banner Studios gives us a glimpse at what is coming next.

Having recently introduced a new faction, maps and mounted combat in a massive update and officially doubled the amount of content available at launch (all via free updates, mind you), Chivalry 2 is currently in a strong position.

But wait, there is more. We get a glimpse at the upcoming Hippodrome map, which will serve as an arena for mounted combat, and a snow biome, which is something not yet featured in the game.

There will also be full crossplay social support for the title, allowing parties across platforms to face each other in glorious combat. We also get a tease for a new weapon, the katar, a push dagger that originated from real-world India.

The developers close by stating that an entirely new chapter of Chivalry 2 has begun and that there are still many more stories to be told. We can't wait to see what they come up with next.

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