Chivalry 2 is the best multiplayer medieval murder simulator on the market, and it just got its biggest update yet, achieving the lofty goal developer Torn Banner Studios set for itself by doubling the amount of content that was available at launch through free updates.

A trailer showing off the new update debuted at the Future Games Fest, and it's filled with as much over-the-top violence as we have come to expect from this team.

This latest update is called Tenosian Invasion, and it introduces a new playable faction (the Tenosians), four new maps, and the highly anticipated inclusion of mounted combat. Did we mention that it's all part of a free update?

All of that, and just in time to celebrate the title's first birthday, too.

Will you, once more, sally forth onto the field of battle? Buckle on your armour, mount your destrier and charge into the comments section below.