We've known for a while now that unique PS4 title The Tomorrow Children will be revived by original creator Q-Games, and now the developer has formally revealed the project as The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition in a new trailer. Planned for release later this year, there'll be a standard PS4 version that'll have "enhancements" when running on a PS5.

Official details are still fairly light, but a PlayStation tweet says you can "experience new islands, new ways to play, and bring your friends along for the journey". As for new content, we already know three brand new islands designed by the community will be part of the relaunch — a hippo, a robot, and an old TV. The game will command a premium price point this time around instead of being free-to-play. The Phoenix Edition will also ship with "an in-depth tutorial, never before seen items and new ways to play".

Speaking in a Q-Games blog post, game director Dylan Cuthbert said: "The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition seemed an appropriate title for the years-long project we embarked on to resurrect The Tomorrow Children for our fans, who never gave up on the game even after it went offline."

He continues: "We’ve focused on improvements to help those new to the game get started, made changes based on feedback from veteran players and added in a series of new islands, items and ways to play. This wealth of changes allowed us to rebalance the game in new and exciting ways and I’m already looking forward to visiting player towns when we launch later this year!"

Are you looking forward to the revival of The Tomorrow Children? Will you give the Phoenix Edition a go? Let us know in the comments below.

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