About six months ago, developer Q-Games announced it had acquired the IP rights to The Tomorrow Children, an unusual PS4 game that emphasised working together with other online players. The title had its servers shut down only about a year after it launched, but the studio is working to re-launch the game in 2022 with changes and improvements to keep it going.

In the spirit of collaboration and cooperation, Q-Games opened the doors to the community to design new islands for players to visit in the game. These islands will emerge at random from the Void, and will contain precious materials for you to find and take back to town. In the above video, the team announces three new islands based on submissions from fans: a hippo, a robot, and an old fashioned television.

As for the game's revival, it's planned to come back on PS4 this year with "enhancements for PS5". The original game was free-to-play, but when The Tomorrow Children returns, it will be a premium game instead, although we don't know the price just yet. Multiplayer will be peer-to-peer rather than relying on servers, and the game will have other new features and content too.

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