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Image: Push Square

Sony’s decision to release inferior PAL 50Hz versions of its PS1 games with PS Plus Premium has attracted a lot of attention, but now the service has launched in Japan there is finally some positive news: the platform holder is using NTSC 60Hz ROMs of key titles like Ape Escape. This was expected as they’re the only Japanese language builds of the games available, but it’s potentially good for those of you in North America, where NTSC was the standard as well.

Of course, it does look like those of us in Europe may be saddled with the slower 50Hz versions, which would still be a massive own goal – especially if the Japanese giant doesn’t provide us with the option to choose. Some hastily released patches in Asia attempted to alter the 50Hz code to 60Hz recently, introducing ick-inducing ghosting as a result. So, while there’s good news for Japan, Sony still has its work cut out with the emulated games that are part of its most expensive tier – don’t expect this issue to just disappear.