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The long-awaited launch of PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium in Europe, Australia and New Zealand is finally upon us, with the service now confirmed as being live in those regions.

While we don't as yet have a full list of All PS Plus Games coming to PAL regions, it's expected to be similar to what is on offer in the US. We will update you as soon as we have put it together, as Sony is unlikely to announce it on social media, and we will have to cobble something together using the PS Store and PlayStation support pages.

If you were already a PS Plus subscriber, you don't have to do a thing, and you will be automatically converted into a PS Plus Essential member. If you have a PS Now subscription in addition, then you will be upgraded to PS Plus Premium. For reference, you'll find the prices of each subscription below.

PS Plus Essential
PS Plus Extra
PS Plus Premium/Deluxe
GBP £6.99/£19.99/£49.99 £10.99/£31.99/£83.99 £13.49/£39.99/£99.99
Euro €8.99/€24.99/€59.99 €13.99/€39.99/€99.99 €16.99/€49.99/€119.99
AUD $11.95/$33.95/$79.95 $18.95/$54.95/$134.95 $21.95/$63.95/$154.95
NZD $13.95/$39.95/$89.95 $21.95/$63.95/$149.95 $24.95/$72.95/$172.95

Important to note, Australian and New Zealand PlayStation users will not be able to stream PS3 games, and thus their high-end service is called PS Plus Deluxe. The service is slightly cheaper as a result.

What will you be checking out first, now that PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium are live in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand? Try out some of the new features, and let us know what you think in the comments section below.