PS Plus Premium Trophy Support

Trophy support for PS1 and PSP games through PS Plus Premium? That's up to the developers. We had assumed this would be the case, but it's nice to have it confirmed by Sony all the same.

In a newly published FAQ, the Japanese giant makes it clear that Trophy support is not mandatory for classic PlayStation titles. It reads: "This feature is optional for developers". Case closed.

The topic of Trophies in PS1 and PSP games took off last week when Syphon Filter developer Sony Bend revealed that the sneak-'em-up would launch on Premium complete with a set of trinkets and a Platinum gong. Then, earlier this week, a bunch of Trophy lists popped up on PlayStation servers, confirming that titles like Ape Escape and Wild Arms would have their own digital rewards.

So yeah, it's ultimately down to the developers. If these classic games end up being quite popular, then we could see more teams taking the time to add Trophies — but we certainly wouldn't count on most PS1 and PSP titles going out of their way.

Do you think Trophies will be a fixture of future PS Plus Premium games? Unlock some Plats in the comments section below.