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There had been chatter, as there always is, that a Shenmue 4 announcement could be on the cards, especially following some loose “teasing” from publisher 110 Industries. As full-time Ryo Hazuki stans, though, we knew better than to get our hopes up: series creator and industry legend Yu Suzuki told IGN Japan recently that there are no concrete plans for a sequel right now.

Suzuki was speaking at a special event in Yokosuka, one of the locations from the first game. Chatting further with Famitsu, as spotted by VGC, he explained that should he proceed with a fourth instalment, he’d like to make it more accessible to newcomers. Shenmue 3 was, of course, extremely niche – but it was a crowdfunded project, created specifically for hardcore fans, so that made sense.

Shenmue has enjoyed something of a renaissance recently, thanks to a well-received anime adaptation created by Adult Swim in collaboration with Crunchy Roll. This has raised the profile of the series to an entirely new audience, and while it’s a shame there are still no plans for that all-important fourth instalment, we remain hopeful that it will still happen somehow, someday.

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