PS Store Deal 1

If you’ve got nothing to play this weekend – and, seriously, how have you managed to clear your backlog and do you have any tips? – then Sony’s just dropped a Weekend Offer on the PS Store which sees a number of PS5 and PS4 game prices slashed by up to 75 per cent. The main participant is 2K and Rockstar, but you can also nab Dying Light 2: Stay Human for £43.99/$47.99.

The biggest highlight in terms of discount size is Borderlands 3, which is 75 per cent off and therefore just £11.99/$14.99. Other decent savings include PGA Tour 2K21 for £12.49/$14.99 and Sid Meier’s Civilization VI for £7.49/$8.99. The Mafia Trilogy is potentially also worth a punt at £24.99/$29.99 – especially with news of a fourth instalment emerging this week.

You can find the full list of deals through here, and remember there are still a bunch of other big sales live on the PS Store right now, including one for Golden Week. Let us know if you’re planning to pick anything up in the comments section below.