Resident Evil Village PS5 PS4

It's new sale time! Sony has not one, but two new offers on PlayStation Store starting today. There's the Golden Week sale (which actually runs for two weeks) and the Games Under $20/£20 promotion, totalling about a thousand discounted items. Let's get some recommendations going, yeah?

As you might expect, the Golden Week offer puts the emphasis on Japanese and Chinese games — or with some sort of connection, at least. Some of the PS5 titles in this sale are for the Deluxe Edition version, but there are still solid deals to be found — Resident Evil Village ($41.99/£32.49), Lost Judgment ($29.99/£24.99), and Guilty Gear Strive ($38.99/£29.24) all come highly recommended. There's obviously a lot more choice on PS4. Dragon Ball FighterZ is great value at $8.99/£6.71, Persona 5 Royal (Deluxe Edition) is down to $20.99/£16.49 — cheaper than the regular version! — and Lumines Remastered is a steal at $5.99/£4.79.

Moving to the Games Under deal, there's even more to choose from. PS5-wise, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition ($19.99/£17.49), The Persistence ($8.99/£7.49), and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order ($9.99/£8.99) are great pick-ups. On PS4, we can heartily recommend Spyro Reignited Trilogy for £12.24, The Ascent at £16.24, and DiRT Rally 2.0 for only $7.49/£6.24. Some of the games don't have their discounts on the US Store just yet, but they will hit very shortly.

You can take a look at the full list of games included in the Games Under offer on the PS Blog. Will you be nabbing any bargains from these new deals? Tell us what you buy in the comments section below.