PS5 PlayStation 5
Image: Push Square

You just know when the morning starts with a new PS5 firmware update, it's going to be a good day. There's just no better feeling than when Sony pushes out the latest system software version, making that black-and-white beast the best it can be.

You get to download the firmware update, then you get a notification telling you it's ready to install, and then you install it. The whole process has a magical quality that's hard to describe. Today, we get to experience it all over again with the release of PS5 firmware 22.01-05.10.00. This one comes in at just over 1GB. What does it do, then? You want those patch notes?

Say the line, Bart!

"This system software update improves system performance."

*Classroom cheers*

The Simpsons really does cover all bases, doesn't it? You can find an image or a quote for practically every scenario, it's quite remarkable. What are your favourite Simpsons episodes? A couple of classics that spring to mind are the film festival and clown college episodes, but there are so many great ones. We're sure you'll fill the comments with top-drawer Simpsons stuff easily. Get this PS5 firmware update installed, and then tell us your favourite episodes, moments, or quotes in the comments section below.