Bungie PlayStation Sony 1

Here’s your weekly reminder that, yes, Sony is still buying Destiny developer Bungie. While the iconic studio will remain largely independent, the platform holder hopes that the purchase will help inform its output on numerous upcoming live service games. And while the billion dollar buyout is currently under investigation from the FTC, the firm’s top executives are pretty chill about it all.

“This forecast is based on the assumption that the acquisition of Bungie, which is currently under review by the relevant authority, will close in the third quarter ending 31st December, 2022,” it said of its guidance for the forthcoming fiscal year. Translation from Corporate Speak™: “We don’t give a crap about the investigation and are making plans assuming the acquisition will close.”

It’s the first real instance of the platform holder attaching a timeline to the acquisition, so it’s good to know that it should all be done and dusted by the end of the year. The investigation is important, of course, but while there tends to be a lot of bluster around these matters – see Sony’s purchase of Crunchyroll as another recent example – the ink tends to dry in the end.

[source sony.com, via thegamer.com]