Destiny Bungie 1

Sony has acquired legendary developer Bungie, and one of the motivations behind the deal appears to be shared learning. PlayStation Studios wants to make blockbuster service games, with similar legs to the likes of Fortnite and, of course, Destiny – and the platform holder believes that the former Halo creator can help it to achieve its goals.

“I’ve spent a lot of time with [key Bungie employees] like Jason Jones and Pete Parsons, and some of the senior team over at Bungie,” PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst told the PlayStation Blog. “And let me tell you that everyone’s very excited for Bungie and PlayStation Studios to share ideas, share some of our battle scars as well. And really, just learn from each other.”

Hulst explained that launching successful service games is impressively difficult, but Bungie already has expertise in the sector and can help Sony to realise its ambition. “Many people have tried to build a successful live service, and failed,” he pointed out. “Because it’s really hard. So Destiny’s success is very special.”

This week Bungie announced that over one million people had pre-ordered new Destiny expansion the Witch Queen, perhaps once again pointing to the longevity of the product. Sony’s yet to actually reveal what its service game strategy will look like, but we shared some suggestions of series we think would fit the bill through here, and would love to hear your ideas, too.