PS Plus Survey
Image: Damien McFerran / Push Square

According to Sony's latest business overview, 72 per cent of PS Plus subscribers — specifically on PS4 — are satisfied with the service. A whopping 33 per cent of that majority are apparently "extremely satisfied". It's an interesting report, because if you've been keeping track of how badly the monthly PS Plus updates are received here on the internet, you'd think that Sony's service is an unmitigated disaster.

Regular readers will know that we publish PS Plus polls every month, asking our audience to rate the newly added titles. In 2021, most monthly updates were deemed "crap" by Push Square users, while the year as a whole was voted "okay", with more readers saying it was bad rather than good.

That's not us trying to catch Sony out, though. We fully understand that this website generally caters to a hardcore minority of PlayStation fans — an audience that you'd expect to be more discerning. Still, we thought it was worth the comparison!

The report also outlines the main reasons why people subscribe to Plus. 36 per cent do it primarily for multiplayer access — no surprises there — while 30 per cent are in it for the monthly games.

What are your thoughts on PS Plus? Are you satisfied? Did you take part in any of these surveys? Give us your own percentage in the comments section below.