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Jane Foster has been revealed as the next playable superhero for Marvel's Avengers. She'll be part of update 2.5, which is planned for launch at an unconfirmed date past May 2022. Of course, the superhero closed yesterday's reveal trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, so there's some marketing synergy going on here. Natalie Portman plays the role on the big screen, but just like every other superhero in Marvel's Avengers, the actress won't be modelled for the game.

In a development update, developer Crystal Dynamics said Jane Foster's moveset will be similar to Thor's but "she will also have elements that are distinctly Jane". More details will be shared soon. Post-launch, the game has now received Kate Bishop, Hawkeye, Black Panther, and Spider-Man. It was rumoured that She-Hulk would be the next free character, but that doesn't seem to be the case now.

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"Our Hero designs are driven first and foremost by their core comic book identities, so, as a fellow wielder of Mjolnir, her suite of abilities will have a lot in common with the Odinson’s," the blog post explains. Are you interested in playing as Jane Foster? Let us know in the comments below.

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