OlliOlli World PS5 PS4

There have been lots of big, bulky, blockbuster games lately. If you're feeling a bit weary and looking for something smaller or less time-consuming, Sony might have just the thing. The latest PlayStation Store sale is all about indies and smaller scale software, and there are well over a thousand PS5 and PS4 titles to choose from in this monster offer.

It's almost impossible to pick a handful of recommendations as there's just so much that's going for a good price. However, some PS5 favourites include the recently released OlliOlli World for £19.99/$23.99, Haven for £11.99/$14.99, and Demon Turf for £13.49/$18.74. We'd also pick out Subnautica: Below Zero (£17.99/$17.99 for PS Plus members), Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition (£12.49/$14.99), and Hoa (£6.59/$8.24).

On PS4, there's naturally far more choice, and some true gems are going cheap. Hollow Knight at £5.79/$7.49, Streets of Rage 4 for £11.99/$14.99, and Nex Machina for only £3.99/$4.99 are all a steal and all highly recommended.

With so many games on offer, it's probably best you browse the PS Store for yourself and pick out some winners. It seems the sale runs from now until 24th March, so you've a good couple of weeks to take a look. What will you be buying in this indie sale? Tell us in the comments section below.

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