Nobody Saves the World

Drinkbox Studios is quietly a very reliable developer. Best known for the Guacamelee series, its left-field projects are pretty much all great games. Its latest title is Nobody Saves the World, a top-down action game about a character who can transmute into various unorthodox forms. It released earlier this year on PC and Xbox platforms where it received a very warm reception, but it now appears to be heading to PlayStation.

The Twitter account PlayStation Game Size pushes out information about, well, a game's file size, with the info taken from the PSN servers. The account shared that Nobody Saves the World will weigh in at 812MB on PS5:

This more or less confirms the game is heading to PS5 (and PS4 as well, presumably). There's no official word that this is happening, but again, this account wouldn't bring the game up if it didn't exist. We'd expect an announcement is coming in due course — hey, maybe it could even be a PS Plus game for April. Let's wait and see.

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