This is brilliantly random: how would each PlayStation console look if it rendered itself? Electronics Hub sought to answer that exact question, and came up with this stunning infographic. Effectively what you’re seeing is each Sony system – from the PS1 all the way through to the PS5 – rendered within the boundaries of its own hardware limitations.

Sony PlayStation 3
Image: Electronics Hub

So, with the PS1, for example, we see flat textures and sharp edges, while the PSP is shaded by an almost offensive amount of dithering. Meanwhile, the PS3 is bloomy and oversaturated, but the PS5 even has ray-traced reflections on its television screen. To be honest, we reckon they’ve sold PlayStation’s newest platform a teensy bit short, but you get the overall idea.

We thought this was a lot of fun, and if you’d like to see other systems represented in this way, you can do so over at Electronics Hub – we’re particularly fond of all the Nintendo handhelds!