One of the stranger new additions to Gran Turismo 7 is the Music Rally, an entirely new mode which puts a focus on audio rather than racing. Speaking during a media presentation earlier this week, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi explained that he wanted to find a way for fans to enjoy the game’s enormous soundtrack while driving.

The solution is a bizarre mode, which sees you driving through checkpoints to “replenish” beats. These beats are “spent” on the tempo of the song, meaning you’ll need to drive quicker if the music has a faster BPM. Despite this, the overall concept of the mode is to allow you to enjoy the audio, rather than to focus too much on racing.

It’s a weird addition, but it looks like it could be fun – especially if you’re a fan of the game’s soundtrack, which will feature 70 artists and over 300 songs. Other musical additions include a new replay option which will sync camera transitions to audio from the soundtrack, allowing you to create unique videos of your races.