There are two racing games heading to PlayStation 5 and PS4 very soon indeed, and fortunately, they're coming at motorsport from different angles. Gran Turismo 7 is a simulation of driving with a straight-faced, detail-obsessed presentation. On the flip side, we have GRID Legends, tuning things a little more to the arcade side with what look to be raucous multi-class races.

The latter now has a launch trailer, which you can watch above, and it's really emphasising the fun factor. As mentioned, you can race touring cars against big rigs on road circuits, no big deal, and there are electric car events that straight up give you boost. It might not be Burnout, but this appears to be a less serious game that gives you all sorts of options.

One of those is a story mode, which features real actors filmed on a mixed reality stage. The jury is still out on that, of course, but we have hopes it delivers a narrative with more cheese than you can outpace in a low-riding hyper car.

Will you be picking up GRID Legends on 25th February, or is Polyphony Digital's PlayStation exclusive the only racer you need? Cross the line in the comments section below.