The Gran Turismo series has always had a distinctive soundtrack, but with upcoming sequel Gran Turismo 7, developer Polyphony Digital is leaning even harder into its simulation racer’s sounds. There’ll be over 300 songs in the final game, and they’ll span new modes such as Music Rally and Music Replay, both of which combine automotive action with audio.

In the latest Find Your Line reveal trailer, the Japanese developer has revealed some of the artists you can expect to feature, including Spanish superstar Rosalía and a song from The Fanatix, featuring Idris Elba:

But the highlight is perhaps Bring Me the Horizon’s cover of Moon Over the Castle, which is a classic song from the original Gran Turismo game. You can check out the new version, set against a Music Replay backdrop, below:

And just in case you wanted to revisit the PS1 version by Masahiro Ando, we’ve embedded that as well. Personally, we prefer the original as it’s got that mid-90s SEGA arcade energy to it, but the updated version isn’t bad at all:

Are you excited for Gran Turismo 7’s soundtrack? Nod your head like one of those novelty car ornaments in the comments section below.

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