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Elden Ring is out on PlayStation 5 and PS4 today, but despite being crowned as one of best games ever made, it’s not without its issues. Some have recommended playing the last-gen version of the game on Sony’s new-gen console, as that’s the only way to ensure a consistent framerate. There are also serious problems with saves on the PS5, and raytracing is coming at a later date.

“If the PS5 console is unexpectedly turned off while playing a game or in rest mode, saved data may not be saved correctly,” a spokesperson for publisher Bandai Namco noted. “We are aware of the cause of this issue and are working on a patch to correct it, but until the patch is released, please save your game manually by exiting the game regularly.”

The company reiterated: “Game data will be saved correctly if you quit the game by opening the system menu using the Options button and selecting ‘Quit Game’.” So, for the time being, if you’re playing on the PS5, be sure to take the time to quit back to the main menu. It’s a small step to take to preserve your progress.

Irritatingly, there’s no mention of framerate issues with regards to consoles in Bandai Namco’s post. “Regarding the phenomenon of framerate and other performance-related issues during gameplay, we will be constantly working to improve the game so that it can be played comfortably on various PC environments and platforms,” the firm added.

Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about the game’s performance issues, but we can help you get started with our Elden Ring guide. We also have an Elden Ring review if you’re still undecided of whether to nab the title today. Have you found any major bugs or glitches that need patching yet? Let us know in the comments section below.

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