With the holiday season and WinterFest now a distant memory, Epic Games is freshening Fortnite up with new weather events. This week you’ll find tornadoes and lightning storms forming all over Chapter 3’s island – but you should be running towards the inclement weather, and not the other way.

Hopping into a tornado will spit you out into the sky, allowing you to glide to safely to a new location. Similarly, while the lightning storms will do some damage, getting struck by an electric bolt will give you a speed boost, offsetting any loss of HP.

To freshen things up further, the developer is unvaulting the Flare Gun, giving you new ways to set fire to scenery and coax out hiding foes. All of these features are available in the game now, and until 17th January you’ll have a greater chance of encountering a tornado in-game.

[source epicgames.com]