Psygnosis Logo

Sony Interactive Entertainment has just secured a trademark renewal for Psygnosis, the legendary studio that would go on to become Studio Liverpool. However, we wouldn't hold our breath to see the developer reemerge in 2022 — this appears to be a very routine trademark protection move.

Analyst Roberto Serrano spotted the renewal, which covers both the name of the defunct studio as well as its iconic owl logos. If you chart the trademark's history, Sony has been filing for renewal of the brand every 10 years, and this is just the company doing that again. The name and logos are now protected until 2031, when we presume the platform holder will once again renew the trademark.

A revival of the brand or the studio is very unlikely at this stage, but it's worth remembering Psygnosis' importance in the early days of video games and PlayStation. Among many others, the developer brought us Shadow of the Beast, Lemmings, Destruction Derby, WipEout, and G-Police. It was originally acquired by Sony in 1993, and as already alluded, was a key first-party studio that created some real fan favourites.

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