Two games we thought were quite far away from each other were Fall Guys and Monopoly, but that's not stopped a crossover from happening anyway. Mediatonic's bean-filled multiplayer game has been popular since its explosive PlayStation Plus launch in 2020, and now, it's looking to dominate the tabletop as well. Yes, a new, official Fall Guys-themed variation of Monopoly has been created, and it's available now.

From what we can gather, this appears to be largely the same money-making board game the world is familiar with, but there are some interesting twists in this iteration. Instead of properties, players are vying for control of the various rounds and levels found in the video game — Hex-a-Gone, Fall Mountain, and so on. The board game also comes with various obstacles that can be attached in certain spots, meaning that traversing the board itself will be tricky as you dodge swinging hammers and seesaws. A special Knockout die comes with the regular die, letting you do things like activate said obstacles, collect Kudos, or move other players.

It sounds like a pretty fun variant, to be honest. We imagine this would be a good family game if you don't want to get caught up in the world of property management and paying off debts. You can still wind up in jail, though.

Fall Guys Monopoly is available now in the US, and will be coming to other territories later in the year. Are you interested in this? Can the chaos of the video game transfer to the tabletop? Discuss in the comments section below.

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