Babylon's Fall Gold

Babylon's Fall has travelled a bit of a bumpy road up until this point. The action RPG was first announced with a brief teaser trailer that certainly caught the eye — especially with Platinum Games involved — but following a lacklustre gameplay reveal months later, it's fair to say that the title has struggled to maintain any momentum.

Recent beta tests have proven to be somewhat divisive as well — but we're still willing to give the final product a chance when it launches on the 3rd March. And it will hit that release date, it seems, since Babylon's Fall has just gone gold.

For those totally out of the loop on this one, Babylon's Fall is a fantasy-themed, co-op focused action title with RPG elements, like loot and skill trees. Your combat style is based on the weapon that you use, as well as the skills and abilities that you unlock and equip. There's a lot of beta gameplay on YouTube, if you fancy seeing it in motion.

Are you looking forward to Babylon's Fall, or does it feel like a project that's never really got going? Hope that it delivers in the comments section below.

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