As the Taipei Game Show nears, Shuhei Yoshida will speak on 20th January as part of the Asia-Pacific Game Summit on PlayStation’s indies initiative. The former PlayStation Studios boss turned indies evangelist will appear as part of a session scheduled to premiere on YouTube. It’s unclear exactly what his involvement will entail, to be honest, but it’s likely to be more about corporate strategy rather than a venue for new game reveals.

Of course, even if this is all insider baseball, it could still be worth keeping an eye on. Last year, PlayStation was widely lambasted by the indie community for its treatment of smaller studios, which has reportedly resulted in some seismic changes internally. Many studios complained about issues it was encountering on the PS Store, from poor software discoverability all the way through to its cumbersome software submission process.

It’s unlikely Yoshida will dig too deeply into specific details like this, but he may talk more generally about the importance of indies to PlayStation and how the company is supporting teams with limited resources. You can watch the session when it premieres later this week.

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