Hogwarts Legacy PS5 PlayStation 5 1

There’s speculation on social media that Hogwarts Legacy development has been obstructed by Dementors, and may be delayed until 2023 on the PlayStation 5 and PS4. But publicly, Warner Bros continues to commit to a launch this year, with official Harry Potter website Wizarding World reiterating the release window in a recent blog post.

Now Warner Media bigwig Jason Kilar has shared the same sentiment. In a long Twitter thread focusing on his company’s quarterly results, he mentioned that his employer’s “strategy continues in 2022 […] delivering a full slate of highly anticipated games”. He attached images of both Gotham Knights and Hogwarts Legacy to his post.

Obviously, the publisher will continue to toe the corporate line until a delay is officially announced, so this confirmation doesn’t necessarily undermine any of the speculation revolving around the release. Whatever the case, we should get new footage and information about the game this year, after it spent the entirety of 2021 hidden in its Invisibility Cloak.

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