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Update: Well, here's a much better source than Warner Bros Brazil: official Harry Potter website Wizarding World has updated with a new post on the year ahead, and it also says Hogwarts Legacy is coming this year. Obviously, this is still subject to change, but it's slightly more positive news for the open world RPG adaptation.

Original Story: A headline that’s already apparated itself onto a number of major websites is Warner Bros Brazil’s confirmation of Hogwarts Legacy for 2022. The South American division is just regurgitating official information, of course, but some believe it could dispel previous rumours regarding the Harry Potter-themed RPG being in trouble.

Earlier this week, Sacred Symbols host Colin Moriarty reported that the “game isn't coming out this year”. That’d be hugely disappointing, of course, as it was originally due in 2021 before spending the entire year shrouded in its invisibility cloak. Officially, developer Avalanche Software has promised updates imminently.

Ultimately, we’re just going to have to wait for official confirmation. Moriarty’s sources may or may not be sound, but Warner Bros Brazil is just sharing publicly available information, which will remain accurate until a more concrete announcement is made. So, yes, Hogwarts Legacy is currently slated to release in 2022 – until, of course, it isn’t.

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