EA Play PS5 PS4 PlayStation 5 1

You may not be the biggest fan of EA, but if you’re gaming on a budget, then here’s a pretty good deal: the publisher is flogging three months of its EA Play subscription for the price of one, meaning for just £3.99/$4.99 you can play any of the PlayStation 5 and PS4 games from its impressive vault for about the price of a posh Starbucks coffee.

You can find a full list of All EA Play Games on PS5 and PS4 through the link, but three months should give you plenty of time to play through the likes of Mass Effect Legendary Edition or Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. If you like something enough to buy it, remember that you’ll get a 10 per cent discount as part of your membership to boot.

This deal is only eligible for new members, so if you’re already subscribed to EA Play, don’t expect to be extending your subscription at a discount. It’s not a bad offer all-in-all, though, and well worth checking out if you’re backlog’s looking a little light right now.

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