Abandoned PlayStation 5 PS5 1

Do you remember Abandoned at all? For a while, the Blue Box Game Studios survival title was touted as a Hideo Kojima ruse, sparking all kinds of speculation. As it turns out, it really is just an indie project, with a prologue chapter purportedly due in 2022. There was more drama this weekend, however, when the Dutch studio’s YouTube channel was hacked, prompting fake pre-order emails to be sent out.

“We have received emails from various people that they received emails to buy a pre-order,” the developer warned on its Twitter account. “Please do not open it and do not transfer funds as it is not from us.” That’s good advice in general when it comes to suspicious emails.

Last year, an app for Abandoned was released on the PS Store which the developer promised would be updated with real-time demonstrations of its game. While the first teaser was delayed multiple times, it eventually emerged as several seconds of footage. Whether this game will ever release still very much remains up for debate, but rest assured the team’s a long way away from opening pre-orders, so steer well clear of these hoax emails being sent out.

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