Abandoned PS5 1

Uh oh. Remember Abandoned, the mysterious game from indie developer Blue Box Game Studios? The PlayStation 5 exclusive that gathered momentum because people thought Kojima might be trying to fool us? Yeah, so, that's coming back.

If you log into your PS5 and push the PS button, open up the news card and scroll down a bit. There you'll find a discreet update about Abandoned. It reads, "We are excited to announced that the Prologue chapter releases Q1 2022. A specific date will be announced shortly. Stay tuned!"

The much delayed experience app released on PS5, but currently, it only features a tiny teaser, showing off brief seconds of in-engine footage running in real time. This Prologue chapter, as far as we understand, is to be a playable demo of sorts. On Blue Box's website, a Playable Prologue is mentioned, and described as "a standalone game with its own set of [Trophies] on PS5". Presumably, that's what this bulletin is referring to.

It's definitely fair to feel sceptical about this considering how things have gone for this project throughout the year, but if a Prologue chapter is indeed coming within the next couple of months, we'll certainly give it a shot. Are you excited to see more of Abandoned early next year, or are you totally turned off the whole thing? Tell us in the comments section below.

[source blueboxgamestudios.com]