Well, Blue Box Game Studios finally dropped the patch for its Abandoned app so that we could get a proper glimpse of what the game actually is. And, well, what was shown is the exact same clip as what was teased a few days ago by the developer on Twitter. No, we're not joking. Embedded above is a PS5 user booting up the app after downloading the aforementioned patch and buttoning through to the trailer itself. No smoke and mirrors here: those interested in the title were made to wait longer for a clip they could already view on Twitter.

After watching the trailer, a menu opens up containing empty slots where the likes of a cinematic trailer, release trailer, and gameplay demonstrations will be supposedly placed. Will they actually come to fruition? That's anyone's guess. A 5GB update is needed to grant access to this new batch of content, but we don't think you need telling it's not worth it.

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