Acclaimed sci-fi show The Expanse will be getting a prequel, courtesy of the resurrected Telltale Games and Life Is Strange: True Colors developer Deck Nine. The game – which currently has no platforms attached, but is expected to release on the PlayStation 5 and PS4 – will serve as a prequel to the television series, and will boast the same kind of decision-based gameplay you’d expect from the likes of The Walking Dead et al.

“We’ve admired the work done by our pals over at Deck Nine Games on Life is Strange: True Colors,” Telltale Games beamed. “So, what better way to collaborate than with The Expanse, Alcon Entertainment’s series mired in an interstellar conspiracy as humanity colonizes space? The characters are so complex and the visuals scream to be recreated as a new tale within the franchise’s canon. It was a game that we were excited to make with Deck Nine Games!”