Cuphead might not be for everyone with its super-tough boss battles, but man, its presentation is stunning — and that goes for its trailers, too. Studio MDHR clearly has an absolute blast making these promos, and it all pays off; this trailer for the long-awaited Delicious Last Course expansion was one of the best at The Game Awards.

In between all the wonderful low-fi sequences, we see some snippets of gameplay from the DLC pack, and it looks just as good as the main game. Cuphead, Mugman, and brand new character Ms. Chalice will do battle with a number of awesome-looking bosses, making use of new weapons and abilities. It looks to be more of the same devilish gameplay you know and love/hate.

What's more, Delicious Last Course now finally has a release date, landing on 30th June 2022. That's still a fair wait, but it looks like it'll be worth it. Are you excited for more Cuphead? Don't deal with the devil in the comments section below.