Square Enix is trying to wring a few more sales out of PlayStation 5 re-release Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, and this billboard in Japan is certainly doing the trick. Spotted in Omotesando in Tokyo, it shows Red XIII atop Midgar’s skyline, before getting chased by a Shinra helicopter. He eventually falls into a pool of presents, before the promo is “closed” by the game’s logo.

This is all an optical illusion that probably requires an optimal viewing angle to sell the trick, but it genuinely looks like Red XIII is popping out of the screen from the perspective this has been filmed at. It’s super impressive, and we can definitely picture it capturing the attention of casual observers who happen to walk by.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade has been hitting headlines again of late, partly because of its PC release, but also due to Square Enix’s decision to allow PS Plus owners to upgrade their copies of the PS4 game. All of this will presumably help to give the release one last push ahead of its sequel, which will hopefully be announced in the near future.

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