We're sure you're aware, but Fortnite was recently refreshed with the arrival of Chapter 3, bringing a new map, characters, and features to the ever-evolving free-to-play game. Up to now, the popular title has been constructed using Epic's very own Unreal Engine 4, which has certainly served it well over the years. However, it seems the publisher is finally ready to make the leap to Unreal Engine 5.

As reported by IGN, Epic Games head honcho Tim Sweeney stated Fortnite would migrate to the state-of-the-art engine by mid-2021, so this is happening a little later than planned. Apparently, the new tech will allow Fortnite to "do things that are absolutely not possible today".

We've seen a little bit of proof of UE5's power; an extremely impressive tech demo was released last year, and the impending Matrix Awakens experience will give us a first-hand look at what the engine can do. We're sure Fortnite will benefit from the new tech in all kinds of ways — we've already seen the sorts of things Epic can do with it already, like the amazing blackout finale of Chapter 1.

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