Dying Light 2 Ps5 Ps4

It's been a very long road to release for Dying Light 2. First announced at E3 2018 and confirmed for a release in spring 2020, it was then delayed indefinitely. The game resurfaced earlier this year with the hope of hitting a release date early next month. It was then delayed once more to 4th February 2022, but lead game designer Tymon Smektala says there's "absolutely zero chance" of the title being pushed any further back. Early February is when we'll be playing Dying Light 2.

In an interview with MP1ST, Smektala said the following in response to a question about yet another delay: "The game is going to be released next year in February, and that’s what we’ve focused on, that’s what we’ve worked on. So absolutely zero chance of that happening." The lead game designer then goes on to explain how polishing open world titles can be extremely difficult since you're actually working on a "few games at the same time" rather than just one.

"Because the same game can have so many variants, and some of those variants can be so drastically different that you have to verify every playthrough, not just 1,000 times, but 1,000 times multiplied by the number of variations in the game. So this is the reason for the delay, and also this is our baby. This is our IP. The Dying Light IP is owned by our studio. So we just knew that we couldn’t release the game if it’s not ready to release."

So, there we have it. Dying Light 2 launches for PlayStation 5 and PS4 on 4th February 2022, and there's "absolutely zero chance" we'll have to wait any longer due to a delay. That's good to hear after having to wait so long. In the meantime, you can check out loads of gameplay through the link. Are you excited to play Dying Light 2 in a few months? Avoid the night in the comments below.

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