Dying Light 2 Gameplay

If you've been yearning for new Dying Light 2 gameplay videos, then today is your lucky day. Loads of previews for the upcoming open world title have just been published, and there's a huge amount of footage to pick through.

As expected, it all looks very similar to the original Dying Light — at least on a fundamental level. Gameplay still hinges on your ability to parkour around cityscapes while occasionally stopping to smash zombies around the head. However, multiple previews mention the addition of new combat moves, as well as expanded platforming options like parachutes. It all looks nice and polished in these videos, too.

Dying Light 2 is still on course for its 4th February 2022 release date — but we wouldn't be at all surprised if it was delayed again, given just how packed February looks right now. At least in the meantime, it's good to know that the game's shaping up rather nicely. Hopefully we get to gawk at more uncut footage in the near future.

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