There might be $3,317 worth of Marvel's Avengers cosmetics to buy, but it's because of that you get the likes of Spider-Man's upcoming expansion for completely free. Arriving on 30th November 2021, IGN was lucky enough to go hands on with the web-slinger for two hours, except the video above isn't a result of that. It's footage provided by studio Crystal Dynamics which the site then shares its thoughts over the top of. Not ideal, although at least we still get to see the wall-crawler in action.

It turns out the PlayStation exclusive character won't have any story missions tied to him, rather this is simply a Hero Event where you can experience existing and new content as Peter Parker. Footage first focuses on combat where Spider-Man is described as a "more nimble Black Panther" with standard punches and kicks to go alongside moves more akin to what you'd expect out of Spidey. His three heroic abilities are web bomb, a spider drone, and the ultimate ability titled wrecking ball.

Next up is the all-important web-swinging, which doesn't appear to be on the same level as Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man. Rather than attaching every web to a nearby building or object, Spider-Man "effectively swings from a glass ceiling", according to IGN. The mechanic apparently feels fairly good for a second or two until you land back on the floor. You lose all your sense of momentum at that point — wall running is also said to be quite restrictive.

Apart from an opening cutscene, Spider-Man's story is largely told through audio logs and emails, unlocked after completing generic objectives. There's no new content or missions tied specifically to the new character, which is disappointing. He does have "around 40 suits", though, which is a healthy number.

Again, Spider-Man swings into Marvel's Avengers on PS5 and PS4 on 30th November 2021. Will you be checking the character out or skipping completely? Make your choice in the comments below.