Despite the fact Midnight Mass is sitting right there, Squid Game is the only Netflix show anyone will willingly talk about at the moment (seriously, watch Midnight Mass). The Korean TV series has taken the streaming service by storm, and perfectly timed alongside the show is Wales Interactive with a somewhat similar take on the popular concept. FMV title Bloodshore is releasing for PlayStation 4 on 3rd November 2021, and it looks just like Squid Game meets The Hunger Games in a Battle Royale setting.

"Players must battle out in a dystopian battle royale set on a mysterious island location; where influencers, death row inmates and failing celebrities compete for a life-changing cash prize and all the attention they could ever want." We weren't joking when we said this is Squid Game meets The Hunger Games if that description is anything to go by.

Made up of eight hours of footage — something Wales Interactive claims is the most for any of its games — the new trailer above shows how your decisions will affect the story and impact the ending. Even your relationships with different characters are tracked. So, if you're looking for more Squid Game, here you go. Bloodshore is out in less than a month, and if previous Wales Interactive joints are anything to go by, it'll probably be a fun time.